a can for every hand

Be the life of the flippin’ party anywhere with our five fizzy flavors.

no glass? no problem.

pop the top with flipflop

We’ve taken the refreshing flavor of flipflop, added a little fizz and put it all together in a portable pop-topping package. Good flavor should go anywhere you do, so grab a can and take it along to the beach, pool, concert, tailgates and BBQs. You name it, you flippin’ can carry it anywhere you go.

  • cold convenience

    Our cans chill flippin’ fast. Leave your corkscrew at home, pop the top and enjoy.

  • fresh and fizzy

    Our cans are full of flippin’ fizzy refreshing flavor. Seriously, get in on this.

  • wine anytime

    Our cans make it a flippin' breeze to bring great taste to the beach, a BBQ and anywhere in between.