Adult Pool Party Essentials (Your Comprehensive List)

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It’s flippin’ pool party season! FINALLY. What better way to #PlayMoreAdultLess than by throwing the ultimate adult pool party with floaties, fizzies, friends, and fun?! We’ve got you covered for party time with all the essentials, plus a few ideas on how you can add a theme to make it a bit more unique!

Woman on a floatie at an adult pool party holding a can of flipflop wine

Adult Pool Party Essentials

  1. Fizzy flipflop Cans

It’s not an adult pool party unless you bust out our fan-flippin’-tastic fizzy flipflop cans! With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect drink for each of your guests.

  1. Fully Stocked Bar Cart

The most flippin’ memorable adult pool parties are the ones where there is a fully stocked bar cart for everyone to enjoy! We have a variety of simple and delicious cocktail recipes that your guests are sure to love, and if you’re looking for inspiration, we have an entire Pinterest board devoted to bar carts! Our favorite cocktails to serve during the heat of summer are fizzy delicious Unicorn Floats and Flippin’ Snow Cones.

  1. Pool Floaties

Time to play more, adult less by decorating your pool with the world’s coolest floaties! If you plan to serve Unicorn Floats as a signature cocktail, you better believe that unicorn floaties are where it’s at! Pineapples, unicorns, donuts, and more…scour the internet for the best shaped floaties to match your theme.

  1. Squirt Guns & Bubbles

Bring the fun to the pool with squirt guns and fierce as flip’ water gun wars! Just make sure that you don’t get shot at when you least expect it! And, of course, bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles! There’s something nostalgic about blowing bubbles in the backyard…Make sure to have these stocked and ready for your guests.

  1. Sand Castle Pails

But wait, there’s no sand at a pool? No, there’s not, but there are tons of delicious snacks that need to be served in something, and sand castle pails with little plastic shovels are a preeeettyy cool option.

  1. Water Basketball and Net

When it’s too hot to play basketball, bring the game to the pool! Setup a mini net on the side of the pool and let the games begin. Sadly, you’re going to have to permit some traveling since it’s pretty hard to dribble in a pool (just saying).

Friends lunging toward flipflop wine

  1. Board and Card Games

Unfortunately, the pool just isn’t for everyone, so make sure that you have other entertaining things to do. Offering a variety of board and card games in a shady area of the pool deck is a great way to keep people entertained (just make sure there aren’t any water guns around! *wink wink*).

  1. Sunscreen and Tanning Oil

You def need to offer sunscreen, because the last thing you need is a post-pool-party friend turned red monster angrily messaging you about how you’ve ruined them. Ok, that was a little overdramatic, but make sure that they can protect themselves like you’d protect a puppy (or kitty…we all have our preferences). Leaving out tanning oil would definitely bring your sunbather attendees some happiness, but, remember that you can’t do one or the other here – It’s sunscreen and tanning oil or sunscreen only!

  1. Goggles & Swim Caps

Continuing off of the floatie ideas from earlier, have you looked at the variety of fun goggles and swim caps available on the Internet?! Crabs, unicorns, sharks, whatever theme you’re looking for, it’s there!

  1. Towels

Raise your hand if you’ve ever arrived at the beach only to realize that you forgot your towel. Yes? Well plan for 100% of your invitees doing that exact same thing. There are some seriously awesome pool/beach towels out there…Some even in game format (kid you not)! Make sure you at least give your guests something to dry off with, otherwise you’re going to be dealing with a super soggy chip bowl.

Friends cheersing with flipflop wine cans

Pool Party Themes for Adults

  • Plenty of Fish in the Sea Pool*

Are you single and ready to mingle? Throw a plenty of fish in the pool themed party and invite all of your single friends and your BEST wing women and wing men, but here’s the catch (hah), ask them to invite one or two of their single friends. Make sure to have conversation starter games so that everyone can get to know each other. Snack idea: serve a bowl of fish-shaped gummies and fish-shaped cheese crackers.

  • Time Period Pool Party

Why are high waisted bikinis not in style?! They should always be in. Throw a 70’s themed party and give your lady friends an excuse to bust out their cutest swimwear (or swim in their bell bottoms)! Ok, it doesn’t have to be the 70’s, but just make sure it’s something people can groove (again, HAH) with. Snack idea: crackers and cheese in a can (or something popular during that time period…We’re still stuck on this 70’s idea).

  • An Epic Luau

Would it be a pool party without tiki torches and pineapples? No, it wouldn’t be. Throw on some classic beach tunes and grill ALL THE PORK, because this party will go down in history! Snack idea: pineapples and sorbet.     

Woman at an adult pool party with flipflop wine cans
May 29, 2018
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