10 Things to Do for Your Adult Spring Break

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PSA: April is one month away! Oh flip, what’re you going to do for spring break (Yes, adults need a break too)?! No sweat, we’ve got your back with our top 10 things to do for your adult spring break. Pop a can of fizzy flipflop, sit back, and start planning. No vacation in your sights? It’s all good, we have fizztastic fun ideas for weekends at home, too! Whether you’re celebrating in your backyard or drifting down a river in your favorite floaty, the perfect spring break plans are just words away. Because sometimes you need to play more and adult less.

flipflop wine and watermelon

Adult Spring Break Ideas:

  1. Go floating:

    Blow up your alligator (swan, shark, etc.) floaty, chill your flipflop, pack your sunscreen, and get rolling to the river! Spend the day sipping and soaking in the sun while you float down the river. Take stops along the way to munch on snacks, splash around and snap sweet pics.

  2. Bust out your backyard waterslide:

    What’s better than a backyard water party?! Slide down your inflatable waterslide and be prepared to get wet! Turn on your sprinklers and make it a party by throwing together some flipflop cocktails and serving your favorite chips and dip. Go ahead, you flippin’ deserve it!

    Adult spring break backyard waterslide party

  3. Amusement park:

    What better way to play more, adult less than to spend your adult spring break getting in your fix of thrill rides? Rally your gang and spend the day riding rollercoasters. Oh the flippin’ fun you will have!

  4. Camping:

    Camp or glamp, whatever suits your fizzy (whoops, fancy*). But seriously, whoever thought of a better way to spend an adult spring break? Pack your bags and don’t forget to pick up your marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers, and flipflop from your nearest grocer before you’re out of cell reception and into a much-needed vacation.

  5. Throw a pool party (with flipflop slushies):

    Why even leave the house for an adult spring break if you have access to a pool?? Lounge in the sun or splash around on your floaty, because a pool party is just as good as a resort’s pool – Plus no strangers in the agua with ya…So, real talk, your own pool is better. Invite your friends over, bust out your blender, and serve up some Fizzy Chill Red wine slushies while you soak up some vitamin D.

    Adult spring break pool party with flipflop wines

  6. Throw a staycation with your besties and the pizza guy:

    There’s something about spending your adult spring break staying in and pampering yourself that just makes so much sense. After having to adult for so long, sometimes you just need a break. Invite your friends over, bring out the fizzy wine and tasty snacks, call up your pizza guy, and turn on a movie, because sometimes you just need to lounge.

  7. Hit the beach:

    While you may not be able to take a glass wine bottle to the beach, you flippin’ can take our fizzy flipflop cans! The beach is the perfect place to spend your adult spring break because there is SO MUCH to do…Build a sandcastle, get your tan on, and play some beach volleyball, spring sunshine has never felt so good.

    Adult spring break at the beach with flipflop wine

  8. Attend a music festival:

    Research the music festival that will be blaring your style of tunes, and get ready to boogie. A music festival is a rockin’ way to spend your vacation because it gives you the opportunity to meet new people while exploring new music artists (or your personal favorites). Trust us, it will be fan-flippin’-tastic!

  9. Water balloon fight:

    An oldie, but a goodie. What better way to absorb those springtime sunrays than to pelt your besties with ice cold water balloons?! Ahh, refreshing. Throw together some fancy cocktails or pop open some your favorite fizzy flipflop flavors to celebrate the end of your battle and keep you as refreshed as those chilling water balloons.

  10. Game day at the neighborhood park:

    While winter left you stuck indoors, there’s no better time to get out and invite your friends to play softball, dodgeball, or other fun games like croquet (LOL, no)! Plan a game day at a nearby park and invite your friends to join. After a few hours of fun, refresh and re-energize with a potluck picnic paired with flipflop fizziness, but then get right back to it!

    Friends cheer-sing with flipflop cans

So there you have it…We’ve spilled the beans on our top 10 things to do to make your adult spring break one for the books. Now it’s time to go out and flippin’ play more, adult less!

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flipflop wine and watermelon
May 2, 2018
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