How to Throw an Epic Backyard Movie Night

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Warm evenings are perfect for relaxing outside, and our fave way to do this is by inviting over the crew and throwing an epic backyard movie night! In true #PlayMoreAdultLess fashion, we decided to outline all the ways to make your backyard movie sooo flippin’ extra (and oh so memorable).

The Ultimate Concession Stand

S'more pairings with flipflop wines for a backyard movie night

We could’ve started with the basics (how does one set up a backyard movie night?), but the snacks and sweet treats are basically the best part so we figured we’d start there. There are tons of tasty treats that you can serve during your movie night, and do you want to know the best part? Fizzy flipflop cans pair flippin’ perfectly with every single one of the options below!

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  • S’mores Bar

There are SO many fan-flippin’-tastic ways to create a gourmet (yes, we’re getting bougie over here) s’more! The world is literally your graham cracker! Obviously you’ll need the usual marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers….The basics, but there are so many other toppings that you can add to the mix!

  1. Buttery crackers (trade in the sweet for something a bit more savory!)

  2. Peanut and cookie butter

  3. Chocolate hazelnut spread

  4. Peanut butter cups in place of chocolate (or any other candy bar imaginable)

  5. Fresh baked cookies and brownies

  6. Caramels

  7. Sliced strawberries

  8. Mint chocolates

Looking for pairing recommendations? We’ve got you covered with s’more and flipflop pairings!

  • Popcorn Bar

Literally everyone likes their popcorn a specific way. It’s like how we all eat chocolate sandwich cookies differently. Think about it…You hit the movies and there are butter, salt, and seasoning options available to you. The majority of arguments you hear in a concession stand line are about how people want their popcorn to taste. If you’re throwing your own movie screening, you should absolutely capitalize on a popcorn bar to avoid the pre-movie bickering. From warm melted butter and salt to chocolate covered nuts and gummies, there are so many delicious toppings that you can offer at your popcorn bar. Here are ten of our favorite popcorn toppings:

  1. Melted butter (obviously…)

  2. Fresh shaved parmesan or cheddar cheese

  3. Chocolate covered peanuts

  4. Gummy candies

  5. Salt and pepper

  6. Cinnamon and sugar

  7. Taco seasoning

  8. Crushed chocolate sandwich cookies

  9. Chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate chips

  10. Peanut butter cups

  • Nacho Bags

YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY! These trash reducing bags of deliciousness are a great way to keep your guests fed. Buy a bunch of personal sized tortilla chip bags and nacho toppings, and let your guests top the chips while keeping it all in the chip bag! A few nacho bag topping ideas below:

  1. Personal sized tortilla chip bags

  2. Shredded cheese

  3. Cooked taco meat(s)

  4. Avocado or guacamole

  5. Salsa

  6. Beans

  7. Lettuce

  8. Sour cream

Backyard Movie Night Set Up

The setup for an epic backyard movie night

  • Projection is perfection

It is an absolute waste of time to drag your TV outside for a movie night. Why? Someone’s limb will 100% always be in the way of someone’s view, you will be uncomfortably close to that one guy who either needed to shower or brush his teeth before coming over, and it will feel like watching a movie from a screen built into the seat of an airplane. Go big or go home and rent (call your public library) or buy a projector to screen your movie! If you have a white or beige wall in your backyard you won’t even need a screen to project on! Make sure you have all the pieces in place (speakers???) before the night of so that everything goes smoothly.

  • Comfort is tantamount!

Lay out as many cushions (or yoga mats), pillows, and blankets as possible so that your friends feel at home. Make sure there are enough lawn chairs as a “back row” so that nobody goes home with a kink in their neck!

  • Light it up

Set the mood…Seriously though, hang up some string lights so that nobody gets stepped on during someone’s bathroom run (at the best part, of course)!

  • Call a vote

How many times has your bud asked you to go to the movies and then offered up literally THE WORST movie in theaters? Yeah…don’t be that guy! In an effort to get guests to R.S.V.P. (for once), make their “yes” be a vote for the movie of choice!

The setup for an epic backyard movie night
July 27, 2018
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