10 Unbelievably Delicious Wine and Ice Cream Pairings

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Are you ready to be Enlightened? That’s right, we’ve paired up with our friends at Enlightened Ice Cream to bring you ten unbelievably delicious wine and ice cream pairings. If you’re looking to treat yourself, go ahead and go the whole nine pints (well, ten pints), because these pairings are flippin’ out-of-this-world!

Delicious Wine and Ice Cream Pairings

Wine and ice cream pairing of Sangria and Chocolate Peanut Butter

  1. Chocolate Peanut Butter and fizzy Sangria or Riesling

Ok, so might’ve gone ahead and thrown a party over this pairing. The peanut butter just MELTS in your mouth. The chocolate and peanut butter are a rich pair, so you better believe that we paired it with a rich counterpart…fizzy Sangria! Deliciously sweet and refreshing, this wine helps to wash down the peanut butter while simultaneously amplifying the complexity of the chocolate. PS – Riesling is awesome too because of its balance and rich fruit flavors (ever had chocolate dipped dried apricots or peanut butter and apple slices?). You’re welcome.

  1. Cold Brew and Cabernet Sauvignon or fizzy Chill Red

Not to sound snobby, but have you ever tasted a little bit of fruit in your cold brew before? If your answer was “Uhm, YES” then sit down with this delicious Cold Brew ice cream and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. A bold, fruity wine and an energizing frozen treat…this pairing will lit-er-all-y blow your mind. Equally as fantastic, fizzy Chill Red and Cold Brew are the alcoholic and ice cream counterpart to toast with jam and a big cup of joe on Sunday mornings.

  1. Movie Night and Chardonnay or fizzy White Sangria

Because let’s be real, there is no way you’ll ever find the perfect microwave time for making popcorn. Sorry, but you will always burn or undercook it, that’s just fact. Thankfully, this ice cream is like a fresh from the theaters, except it’s doused in caramel and chocolate…MOUTH. WATERING. What goes better with buttery popcorn than a buttery Chardonnay? If you haven’t tried it then try it, and then try it again. If you order soda at the theaters, then pop open a can of fizzy White Sangria. This sweet beverage is the refreshing sip between spoonfuls that you never knew you needed.

Fizzy Crisp White and Cookies and Cream wine and ice cream pairing

  1. Cookies and Cream and fizzy Crisp White or Riesling

Ok, so you know how chocolate sandwich cookies and milk are made for each other? Well, fizzy Crisp White is the long-lost sibling that just found its fam. Rich vanilla ice cream with cookie chunks washed down by a semi-sweet bubbly treat is a pairing that’s just too extra (extra delicious!). While fizzy Crisp White is a marvelous pair, Riesling is the bubble-less version that warrants a five-star review, too.

  1. Brownies and Cookie Dough and Merlot or fizzy Sangria

They made a brookie (brownie cookie) in ice cream form! We literally can’t even. Rich, choclate-y brownie bites go down perfectly when they’re followed by a sip of full-flavored, velvety Merlot. This red is also a marvelous companion when you’re munching cookie dough while you’re binge-watching TV (no judgement, that’s the #PlayMoreAdultLess lifestyle). Put brownies, cookies, and ice cream in one place and nothing matches it better than a rich, juicy Merlot. Want to keep it a little lighter? Good, because fizzy Sangria did NOT want to be left out of the mix. The refreshing, fruity deliciousness of our fizzy Sangria goes together with this ice cream like peanut butter and jelly, or donuts and sprinkles, or cookies and milk.

Pinot Noir and Sea Salt Caramel wine and ice cream pairing

  1. Sea Salt Caramel and Pinot Noir or fizzy Chill Red

Since caramel is so rich, Pinot Noir is the perfect complement. It neither overpowers nor detracts from the delicious caramel flavors…It is honestly the perfect sidekick to this delightful ice cream flavor. If you want a wine as fizztastic as this frozen treat, your go to will be the one and only, fizzy Chill red! It’s kind of like the distant – totally cool – relative of caramel covered apples.

  1. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and fizzy Crisp White or Chardonnay

Peanut butter is one of those things that totally coats your mouth, but, like, in a good way. That nutty deliciousness (similar to caramel) deserves to overtake your mouth, and the best wine to wash it down is a semi-dry, crisp white with a little bit of fizz…Hmmm, idk about you guys, but sounds EXACTLY like fizzy Crisp White! Ok, so maybe fizzy (for some weird reason) isn’t what you’re looking for? Good thing peanut BUTTER goes well with BUTTERY Chardonnay. #Butter #Delicious #Enlightened

  1. Mint Chocolate Chip and fizzy Crisp White or Cabernet Sauvignon

You know how mint cools your mouth kind of like a snow storm just rolled through? Well, mint and fizzy Crisp White create the most refreshing snow storm you could ever imagine. The crisp white perfectly accentuates the cool mint flavors, which creates a cyclical pattern of spoon and sip that results in an empty pint and an empty can…WHOOPS. Sorry, not sorry. On the opposite end of the spectrum (that trust us, still totally kicks butt), Cabernet Sauvignon is a tannic red wine that pairs marvelously with the rich, semi-sweet chocolate chips.

  1. Snickerdoodle and fizzy Rosé or Pink Moscato

A cookie in ice cream form…because when it’s 100 degrees out, who the flip wants to turn on an oven? In that heat, nothing feels better than cinnamon sugar deliciousness that cools you off and gets washed down by a delicate, slightly-sweet beverage full of fizz. Since snickerdoodles are generally pretty sugary, a less sweet, bubbly beverage like fizzy Rosé helps to soften the taste. If you have a sweet tooth (or, in our case, sweet mouth) and want to amplify the dessert, then Pink Moscato is the sweet counterpart to Snickerdoodle ice cream. This pairing is fan-flippin-tastic and we just cannot get over it.

  1. Red Velvet and Pinot Noir or fizzy Chill Red

Subtle chocolate from the cake and a little tang from the cream cheese frosting, this frozen treat is best paired with Pinot Noir, a light red wine with cherry and berry flavors that emphasize the chocolate notes and complement the tang of the frosting. fizzy Chill Red is the bubbly version of Pinot Noir, bursting with cherry and berry flavors that rock our world with a spoonful of Red Velvet.

You’ve just been enlightened. Now go out and flippin’ try these phenomenal wine and ice cream pairings! Share your thoughts with us by using #PlayMoreAdultLess, #EatEnlightened, @flipflopwines, and @eatenlightened.

Pinot Noir and Sea Salt Caramel wine and ice cream pairing
July 10, 2018
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